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Welcome to Brasaroja

We are a fast food restaurant offering both coal grilled and crispy fried breaded chicken, with self-service to the tables at our place, drive-through or uber delivery to your home. The chicken is prepared by marinating it for 24 hours in a secret citrus mixture to make the product of a unique very tasty flavor, easy to recognize and remember, assuring total customer satisfaction.

Our chicken adopts and maintains a Caribbean cuisine image, where not only the islands flavors are being included, but those of the imaginary Caribbean triangle formed by the Cartagena de India’s point in the coast of Colombia, the Mexican Yucatan peninsula and the Miami, United States territory.

Our chicken is being offered with side dishes of French fries, fried yuca, fried plantain, white or coconut rice, boiled yuca and corn. A chicken Caribbean soup is included in the menu as well.

A variety of secret preparation sauces are available to make your eating an unforgettable delicious experience.