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Brasaroja History

The restaurant is run by our family counting with some of our new members now relocated to the Miami territory, and very happy to continue the tradition in the food business. We consider their experience and education in the family business, for already four years now, is certainly a warranty of the high professionalism of the team and a solid culture of service to make this a success.

Recipes have been created for the type of food offered at our restaurant in Miami, considering the most important ingredient is the basic preparation of the chicken, marinated for 24 hours in our secret sauce, before any final fire grill cooking, assuring a very unique flavor to entice our customers to repeat coming back time after time.

Some our most important facts to highlight are:

  • More than 30 years of family tradition in this type of business
  • We serve only very high-quality food.
  • High Standards of service.
  • Dedicated to our Customers.
  • A tradition to Care and Maintain.