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Brasaroja - Chef Julian

Grew up in Cartagena City watching his father and grandfather cook was Julian Rodriguez’s first cooking school. He trained in a professional kitchen at Chef Julian Restaurant in his hometown. Hungry to learn as much as he could, Rodriguez advanced through the ranks of the restaurant kitchen, soon becoming the head chef.

In 1996, Rodriguez met Chef Olivares, who was impressed by Rodriguez’s vision and enthusiasm and invited him to relocate to Miami to work in one of his restaurants. Olivares later appointed Rodriguez chef de cuisine of Moe, a fast food Mexican restaurant he had planned. Under Rodriguez’s leadership, Moe earned two stars from the Miami Herald, one of only two Mexican restaurants in the city to hold that distinction at the time. While still holding down the fort at Moe, Rodriguez enrolled at the French Culinary Institute, taking classes during the day and working at night.

After graduating LCB in 1999, Rodriguez expanded his professional cooking experience by becoming the executive chef of Chicken Kitchen, a popular Latin American restaurant in Miami. He helped open several other restaurants in Miami and Chicken Kitchen in South Beach, Miami. Rodriguez returned to Cartagena in 2003 to become the owner of Chef Julian Restaurant, which is currently one of the best places to eat in Cartagena.

With the desire to return to Miami, he was appointed chef and part owner of Brasaroja.